Bespoke web projects, custom coding and updates/additions to existing websites.


In addition to creating websites from the ground up, I am also able to improve your existing website - building upon what you already have to modernize and revitalize your web presence, either through design improvements or by adding entirely new elements and features.

I also develop bespoke web projects, custom scripts, back-end tools, databases, API integrations and more in a variety of languages and platforms.


Whatever you need me to code, improve or create, I have your back.

Bespoke Sites and Functionality

Not all websites fit into the standard template of 'blog', 'ecommerce' etc. - sometimes a site will require a bespoke structure and layout as well as interactive elements, tools and funtions that must be custom built to your specifications. Whatever your needs, I can make it happen.

Database Design and Development

If your business or website requires the storage and retrieval of large amounts of data, I can design and build a database to suit your needs. This will often include the creation of multiple interconnected tables tailor-made to suit your data needs as well as efficient queries to retrieve, sort, search and add to the data either by site visitors or by you or your staff via specially designed back-end tools. Tools to make it easy to back up and restore your data can also be provided.

API Design and Integration

Many third-party services, such as payment systems, social media sites and affiliate programs make it possible to integrate data and features onto your website to enhance its functionality. Whatever your project's needs, I can safely and efficiently use the APIs of these services to integrate them seamlessly into your website. I can also design and build custom APIs to suit your needs.

WordPress Plugins

There is no CMS (content management system) as popular and widely used as WordPress - software that started out life as a blogging platform before becoming a choice for countless other types of websites. Behind the scenes, WordPress offers a way to easily manage a site's content and features without needing much technical knowledge. Plugins, which integrate additional functionality into WordPress, are a way to enhance this functionality. While there are many off-the-shelf plugins available, I can build and implement custom plug-ins tailor-made to the specific needs of you and your business.

Updates to Existing Sites

As website trends and technologies change and advance, it is easy for your existing site to fall behind the times, missing out on valuable new features that could provide essential benefits to your business. I work alongside owners of older or outdated websites to help revamp and revitalize their web presence, offering tangible benefits and making future updates easier than ever. A list of some of the ways I update existing websites can be viewed below.


Some examples of site upgrades I offer include:

Mobile Responsiveness and Cross-Browser Compatibility

If you have an older site that doesn't work in certain browsers or that does not work correctly on mobile devices, I can update the existing design so that it is fully responsive and works across the full gamut of modern browsers and devices. I can also modernize and beautify the code to make the site easier to work on and update in the future.


One of the most important things that is often neglected over time is security. As time goes on, new vulnerabilities can appear and older software can be insecure and open to exploits. In addition to ensuring that your site is running on HTTPS, I can also perform a security audit to ensure that any bespoke code is secure and that any third-party software or CMS you are using is updated to the latest, most secure version. If the software you are using has been discontinued, I can also help you find and set up an alternative.

Site Loading Speed

One way to improve a site's standing in Google and to improve the user experience is to improve the speed at which it loads. To this end, I can take your existing site and optimize things to ensure that the pages load up as quickly as possible.

New Features

If you have ever wanted to add new features or functionality to your existing site, I can help you do this. Such additions might include a new custom-built WordPress plugin, new functionality added to a bespoke back-end system and new interactive elements for users.

and Much, Much More...

If you can think of it, chances are I can build it, so let me know what you need.


Your project is in good hands - here's how I handle things:
  1. For bespoke coding and site upgrade jobs, the first step will be to check out your existing site to determine how much work will be involved in implementing the requested improvements. Once I have done this I will provide a quote for the work (note that if I determine that I am unable to carry out the requested improvements, you will not be charged and the project won't go ahead.)
  2. Once the price has been agreed the project can begin and I will start by producing mock-ups of any new features or design elements for your approval. I will also ascertain exactly what changes/improvements I will be making and provide you with a full list for final approval before beginning the actual work.
  3. Once everything has been approved, I will get to work implementing the changes. Any major new features will be set up in a password-protected area for you to approve before going live. I also make backups before beginning work so that I can revert any changes made if you decide to change your mind afterwards.
  4. Once everything has been implemented, I will carry out final testing. I can also help answer any questions about the new changes, plus I can set up a maintenance plan for ongoing updates if required.


Why not get in touch and say hello ? Tell me what you need and I'll be happy to help.

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